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This deviation was deleted

I'm so happy you re-uploaded this story on your current account. If I remember correctly, it was the first piece I read from you and even months later I still can't get your demon out of my head. Nor do I want to. He stays, just like your other amazing men. I actually think of him quite often and am still hoping he'll return to you to tell you what happened next.

I hope you won't mind re-uploading my then critique for the story. I've re-read it today and the feedback I gave then is what I feel when reading your story now.

The beginning of the story immediately grabbed my attention but it was the further development of the demon's inner struggle which kept me reading on and on. By the time I finished reading the story I was deeply moved and breathless with the power of his emotions.

And the reason for his pained struggle between his demonic nature and the brighter side of his character was so beautifully written that it almost made me weep. The innocence breathing out of his lover and his victim was so deep and her love for him all embracing. I could see her not defending herself for a true love can forgive even a murder. You did an excellent job in bringing her close to the reader in one single paragraph. And you managed to give her death a deep purpose.

The demon certainly is an unforgetable character and you did an awesome job as his writer. You know that the end left me craving for more. If he ever returns to you to tell the next part of his story, I will be the first one to read it :heart:

Go ahead, Jade, send your story to the contest. You and him both deserve it. It really is a very powerful piece of writing.
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